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Five Star

Möchtest du Deine Leistungsfähigkeit und Wohlbefinden im Alltag durch regelmäßiges Training steigern? Mit einem kompetenten und coolen Team zusammen. Five Star war eine britische Pop- und R&B-Gruppe aus Romford, Greater London. Sie wurde gegründet und setzte sich aus den Brüdern und Schwestern Stedman, Lorraine, Denise, Doris und Delroy Pearson zusammen. five-star-germany in eBay-Profilen folgen. Kaufen, Verkaufen und Sammeln auf eBay war noch nie so aufregend!

V-Day was meant to mobilize the collection of signatures to submit a popular initiative seeking to introduce preferences in the current electoral law and to prevent parliamentary candidate nominations for the criminally convicted and those who have already completed two terms in office.

The name V-Day was chosen to reflect four references. The first refers to the Normandy landings of the Allies in Normandy during World War II in order to symbolise how Italian citizens would "invade" bad policy.

The second refers to the motion picture and graphic novel V for Vendetta which the Five Stars Movement frequently relates with its principles of political renewal the logo of the movement shares the use of a red V symbol with the franchise.

The third refers to the interjection " vaffanculo " "fuck you! The fourth is a reference to the Roman numeral for five.

V-Day, which continued the "Clean Parliament" initiative promoted by Grillo since , took place in many Italian cities on 8 September to evoke the state of confusion caused by the Badoglio Proclamation on 8 September On that day, , signatures were collected, far exceeding the 50, required to file a popular initiative law.

For the occasion, Michele Serra coined the term grillismo. V2-Day was organised for 25 April , a second day of action aimed at collecting signatures for three referenda.

On 29 and 30 September in Lucca, several members of the meetups and local civic lists, in the initial wake of the discussions started on the net and in the wake of the previous meeting of Perugia, defined the policies for the establishment of civic lists.

On 10 October , Grillo gave guidance on how to create the civic lists. The logo in the "V" of "citizenship" is a reference to V-Day [56] On 17 February in Bologna, a gathering of civic lists discussed the future of the movement and the coming elections.

In particular, Sonia Alfano consulted with the activist base of the movement about her possible candidacy for the European Parliament as an independent candidate with the Italy of Values list.

Here, Grillo presented the Charter of Florence , a point program of the various local civic lists in the afternoon.

About twenty local groups presented their ideas and experiences. In April, Grillo announced he had received a letter from Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph Stiglitz in which he declared he would look carefully at the experience of local civic lists promoted through the blog.

On 29 March , Grillo announced that in the upcoming European elections he would support Luigi de Magistris and Sonia Alfano figures close to the movement as independent candidates in the lists of Italy of Values, together with the journalist Carlo Vulpio also close to the movement.

On 9 September , the launch of the National Five Star Movement, inspired by the ideologies of the Charter of Florence , was announced.

During the regional elections , the M5S obtained notable results in the five regions where it ran a candidate for President: Giovanni Favia gained 7.

In the local elections on 15 and 16 May , the M5S was present in 75 of the 1, municipalities in the vote, [ citation needed ] including 18 of the 23 provincial capitals called to vote.

In the first round, the M5S entered its representatives in 28 municipalities for a total of 34 elected councilors and often resulting in some important decisive ballots.

In the regional elections in Molise on 16 and 17 October , the M5S had its own candidate for the presidency and its own list. The list received 2.

In the local elections , the M5S did well in several cities of the North , notably in Genoa The campaign kicked off with Grillo's arrival in Messina on 10 October swimming from the mainland.

On 29 October , Grillo announced guidelines for candidates wishing to stand in the general election. On 12 December , Grillo expelled two leading members from the party: Giovanni Favia, regional councillor of Emilia-Romagna; and Federica Salsi, municipal councillor in Bologna, for breaking the party's rules.

The former had talked about the lack of democracy within the party while the latter had taken part in a political talk show on Italian television, something that was discouraged and later forbidden by Grillo.

On 22 February , a large crowd of , people attended Grillo's final rally before the general election in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome.

The vote for M5S in the Chamber of Deputies reached The M5S vote for the Senate was The party gained a higher share of the vote than was predicted by any of the opinion polls.

The M5S won However, both the Italy Common Good centre-left coalition dominated by the Democratic Party, and the centre-right alliance centred on The People of Freedom, obtained more votes as coalitions.

Aged 26, he was the youngest vice president of the house to date. Competing in its first European election, the M5S won second place at the national level European Parliament elections , receiving In the run-up to the 8th parliamentary term , the M5S lacked a European affiliation and sought a European parliament group.

On 17 November , after an online poll in which 40, people took part, the movement changed its logo to replace the URL of co-founder Beppe Grillo beppegrillo.

The grounds for the removal of Grillo's name was "the 5 Star Movement is mature enough and is preparing to govern Italy, so I believe it's correct not to associate it to a name anymore".

The movement's founder and main strategist Gianroberto Casaleggio died on 12 April in Milan at the age of 61 after a long period of illness due to brain cancer.

In the general election held on 4 March , none of the three main groupings the M5S, the centre-right coalition and the Democratic Party-led centre-left won a majority of seats in Parliament, although the M5S became the largest individual party, with In May, the M5S entered into coalition talks with centre-left Democratic Party, but Matteo Renzi publicly criticised and rejected the deal being discussed by his fellow party members; the Movement then turned to the Lega Nord.

The talks resulted in the proposal for a so-called Government of Change under the leadership of Giuseppe Conte , a law professor close to the M5S.

In the M5S, themes are derived from ecology and anti-particracy , promoting the direct participation of citizens, who converge in the management of public affairs through forms of digital democracy.

The movement wants to be a "democratic encounter outside of party and associative ties and without the mediation of directive or representational organisms, recognising to all users of the Internet the role of government and direction that is normally attributed to a few".

This approach bears similarities with North American cyber-utopianism and the Californian Ideology. The movement bases its principles on direct democracy as an evolution of representative democracy.

The idea is that citizens will no longer delegate their power to parties considered old and corrupted intermediates between the state and themselves that serve the interests of lobby groups and financial powers.

They will succeed only by creating a collective intelligence made possible by the Internet. In order to go in this direction, the M5S chose its Italian and European parliamentary candidates through online voting by registered members of Beppe Grillo's blog.

For example, the M5S electoral law was shaped through a series of online votes, [] like the name of the M5S candidate for President of the Republic.

Author Simone Natale describes how digital utopianism plays a pivotal role in M5S's worldview, saying that Grillo and Casaleggio describe the web as a "transparent, unified, coherent entity", with its own logic, laws, agency and disruptive agenda.

The first is the idea that the people can express their feelings of "Vaffanculo" which literally translates as "Fuck off! Ironically, as the author notes, is that at the same time it was an attempt to transform protest into legitimate political action as they gathered , signatures for three legislative initiatives created to promulgate a "clean parliament".

He quotes blogger Massimo Mantetellini by saying that the mass comments and posts created by the M5S actually create confusion and allows a top-down modality in which the leaders don't follow their own ideas and principles.

It appears that the 5 Star Movement has roots in environmentalism , as well as a left-wing stance on some major social issues.

Author Fabio Bordignon states that the very first battles of Beppe Grillo's "people" had their roots relating to but not exclusively: environmentalism and renewable energy; the problems of poverty and precarious employment; the battles against the power of big business and the effects of globalization ; the morality of the political sphere and civil rights.

The author states that these people were searching for alternative ways of participating in politics besides the regular scheme of what existed, and especially in order to achieve good administration, high-quality public transport and green spaces, but with sensitivity to problems linked to local crime.

One of the most important rules of M5S is that politics is a temporary service: no one who has already been elected twice at any level local or national can be a candidate again and has to return to their original job.

Belonging to the movement requires the self-reduction of the salaries of the citizens elected. In the regional elections in Sicily in , the Sicilian wing of the M5S also decided to allocate the money saved by the reduction of the salaries of their elected to a fund for microcredit to help small and medium enterprises.

In order to be M5S candidates, citizens must not have a criminal record. Among the greater political battles of M5S is the ethical commitment to a greater simplicity and transparency to counter the practice of holding two or more positions, [] [] which show the intricate conflicts of interest between any organization, subsequently strengthened by public register [] to avoid centralisations that are nepotistic and clientelistic.

On 15 July , Grillo publicly expressed his support for same-sex marriage [] while the subject was discussed in the National Assembly. Some observers had speculated he opposed same-sex marriage.

On 28 October , an online referendum took place among the activists of the M5S on the recognition of same-sex civil partnerships: 21, voted yes and 3, voted no.

Grillo's campaign has an unwillingness to form alliances as a result of his refusal to be associated or characterised like any of the older political families including the centre-left and centre-right.

As the government itself is made up of both centre-left and centre-right parties, the M5S has had difficulties coming to an agreement with any of the other parties.

Despite the different views within the party, the issues on which the movement agrees keep the party intact through advocating the main five principles of the M5S.

The M5S's position on immigration has been ambiguous, but Grillo wrote in his blog on 23 December that all illegal immigrants should be expelled from Italy, that Schengen should be temporarily suspended in the event of a terrorist attack until the threat has been removed, and that there should be revision of the Dublin Regulation.

The Five-Star Movement has strong links to anti-vaccination activists, and party leaders have called for rolling back mandatory vaccination laws.

About the politics of the European Union and the Euro , the M5S has often been highly critical, but like on other issues its position is ambiguous.

Despite an initial agreement, ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt refused the M5S' adhesion to the group due to insufficient guarantees to come to a common position on European integration.

In December , the M5S electoral leader Luigi Di Maio stated that he supported a referendum for Italy to leave the Eurozone and would vote to leave.

During the Italian elections , some parties highlighted a contradiction between the voluntary collective action in the struggles of civil society and openness in political representation [] [] [] Also in , there were tensions between the movement and Italy of Values party.

In March , a city councillor in Rimini , Valentino Tavolazzi, advocated a national meeting on behalf of the movement, [] [] which gathered about participants.

At the meeting, there was both praise and criticism from the participants including from the few politicians who were present.

In response, they lost the use of the logo [] [] and were banned from taking any position on behalf of M5S, which was portrayed as a controversial move regarding internal democracy.

Since , Grillo has criticized the cost of politics by supporting the reduction of payment for deputies and senators. The article does not explain how Favia got to deduct that amount because it necessarily includes reimbursements and per diem is not flat as costs and expenses which vary from member to member.

Following the expulsion of Giovanni Favia and Federica Salsi for expressing views about the lack of internal democracy, the party has expelled several members for criticisms.

Another criticism frequently made by the same movement activists and former activists, such as Federico Pistono , social entrepreneur and author of Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK: How to Survive the Economic Collapse and Be Happy and former member, [] is about the absence of any form of effective participation on the web.

Once a M5S demonstration inside the Chamber of Deputies against a law approved by the government [] [] caused a brawl between the M5S, the centrist Civic Choice , the right-wing Brothers of Italy and the centre-left Democratic Party.

In the campaign the M5S asserted that they would not have given public money to banks. The electoral results of the M5S in general Chamber of Deputies and European Parliament elections since are shown in the chart below.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Five Star Movement. Politics of Italy Political parties Elections. Further information: Italian general election, Main articles: European Parliament election in Italy , Italian regional elections , and Italian local elections.

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The Huffington Post. Le 10 fake news a cui non credere". Retrieved 4 September Retrieved 6 September The Telegraph. Financial Times.

Washington Post. The Guardian. Contemporary Italian Politics. Ma la base accusa: votazione pilotata". Retrieved 10 July Corriere della Sera.

Retrieved 27 May Retrieved 23 December Il Sole 24 Ore. Il ruolo di Davide Casaleggio". Retrieved 18 April West European Politics.

Retrieved 2 January Maria Elizabetta Lanzone In Dwayne Woods; Barbara Wejnert eds. Many Faces of Populism: Current Perspectives.

Emerald Group Publishing. Paul Rowinski In Alec Charles ed. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. John Foot Modern Italy.

Palgrave Macmillan. Emilie van Haute; Anika Gauja, eds. Party Members and Activists. Viola In Donatella M. Viola ed. Routledge Handbook of European Elections.

Dawn manager Nick Hemmings, in which they all lived and worked with a built in recording studio. They also owned a fleet of supercars including Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Their affluent lifestyle was heavily publicised in the press and on television. August saw the release of their third album, Between the Lines , which reached No.

The next UK single " Somewhere Somebody " failed to reach the Top 20 and no further singles were released from the album.

In , the group attempted to change their clean-cut image to a more adult-oriented "leather clad" look, matched with a slightly harder-edged dance sound.

The album's second UK single, " Rock My World ", became their last Top 40 hit, and further singles from the album were unsuccessful.

Later that year, a Greatest Hits collection was released but peaked at a lowly No. Amid reports of bankruptcy, the family had been forced to sell their Berkshire mansion after only two years.

While promoting "With Every Heartbeat", the group made an infamous appearance on the British children's TV show Going Live , when, during a live phone-in, a teenage caller verbally abused them and asked why they were "so fucking crap".

Now at loggerheads with RCA , Buster Pearson signed the group to Epic Records in , and the group's fifth studio album, simply titled Five Star , was self-produced at the family home with every track being written by the group members.

The album itself failed to chart and a planned third single, " What About Me Baby " was shelved. In October , Stedman Pearson pleaded guilty to a charge of public indecency after being arrested in a public toilet in New Malden in London.

After the release of their sixth album, Shine which wasn't released at all in the UK , Epic Records dropped the group.

In , the group released an album independently on their father's own Tent label, Heart and Soul , which was reissued in in the UK.

Again, chart success eluded them and the group informally ended. Denise got married and had children, and Delroy went into music production.

In , a new Five Star single, " Funktafied ", peaked at No. Five Star returned to the UK in , as a trio of Stedman, Denise and Lorraine, to perform on various tours, including the Here and Now nostalgia tour.

In , "System Addict" was re-recorded and re-released. Five Star were booked to perform a gig at Butlins in October , in which all five members were billed.

However, three impersonators were used to mime to backing tapes. Denise Pearson said in that she was working on solo material, [13] resulting in the release of her debut single in For Five Star's 25th anniversary in , Denise joined Stedman and backing dancers for gigs at Butlins during October and November Earlier that year, Denise stated in an interview with The Guardian newspaper that if she could convince sister Lorraine to join them, then all five original members of the group would like to perform one last tour together.

The very first song recorded by Five Star from , "Problematic", was released digitally on 18 July , along with a previously unreleased track called "It", which is an outtake from the Heart and Soul album sessions from In , Cherry Pop Records released The Remix Anthology , which included 7" and 12" remixes of the singles released on RCA and Epic between and which had not already been included on the "Special Edition" album reissues.

This is the first compilation to include the non-charting singles, the US-only singles from —88 and the Epic singles from — Five Star performed as a four piece after In Denise announced UK tour dates under the Five Star name, which, for the first time, included four supporting artists who were not her siblings.

The new lineup went on to perform at numerous gigs and concerts throughout the summer. Around the same time, Lorraine Pearson conducted a live interview on Loose Women on UK Television in which she declared that herself and Denise were no longer friends and she had been offended by the new lineup.

Denise helped curate the collection's track list and promoted its release on her social media feed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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